Become the Fifth Wiggle

Would you like to sing and dance with us?

You could become the fifth Wiggle! With the help of your parents, simply upload a photograph of yourself, and through the magic of television you could become the fifth Wiggle! Our fifth Wiggle segment airs on the Wiggly Waffle Show on ABC 2, Monday to Friday mornings.

In addition to submitting your photo for your chance to feature as the fifth Wiggle, why not select your favourite song from the list provided to have it played within the 'Juicebox Pick of the Day' segment and select four waffle toppings to feature in the 'Today's Topping' segment.

Your photo will may be publicly visible on the Wiggly Waffle Show on ABC 2.  (Please note that all images submitted to the Wiggly Waffle Show may be subject to review and approval by The Wiggles Online staff.)

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